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So who is Brad Leo Lyon anyway?

If you're asking this question, you came to the right place.  His biography can be found below.


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So who is Brad Leo Lyon?


Brad Leo Lyon was born in Flint, Michigan to Leo and JoAnn Lyon. A four sport varsity athlete in high school, Lyon was able to secure an athletic scholarship where he played two sports and studied law. Neither aspect would have led one to predict a career in film as his post graduate plans was to enter the world of sports and entertainment representation with a possible foray into politics.

Continuing that original narrative, he spent nearly a decade as the owner and director of operations for a Minor League sports team, the Genesee County Patriots, which wound up a family business with both his parents working beside him. During this time he also became a published author and started an event production company that put on concerts, sporting events, and other forms of entertainment. 

Meanwhile, he continued his love for sports professionally, "failing often" in his own words, as he attempted to play football for a living. His football career highlights included 4 NAFL All Star selections and a 2005 All American selection by the MLFN. However, A few games played inside the now demolished Ivor Wynne stadium of the CFL's Hamilton Tigercats and the occasional stint in arena football is about all he could muster before eventually retiring.  He also obtained world medals in wrestling at the Ironman and AAU world championships as well as a brief fling with mixed martial arts that culminated with headlining the main event of Champions of Cage Fighters. 

It was sports that led to the cross over. An opportunity to sports coordinate football scenes for veteran film producer Michael Mendelsohn, known for having financed over 2 billion dollars worth of movies led to a new chapter in his life. His work on All's Faire In Love, starring Christina Ricci, Matthew Lillard, Ann-Margret, Cedric the Entertainer, Bill Engvall, Martin Klebba among others steamrolled into producing and starring in Minor League opposite Robert Miano, Dustin Diamond, and Bone Crusher

Today, Brad Leo Lyon is a credited producer on over 30 feature films and TV series. He has also directed more than a dozen movies while appearing in many more. Visit IMDB's page on him (Brad Leo Lyon on IMDB) for a complete break down as well as a short filmography below.


A still from Monsters on Main Street



As a Producer

  • Also in Theaters - 2020 - In Production - Executive Producer & Line Producer
  • Brocks Diner Versus the Undead - 2020 - Preproduction
  • Killer Keg - 2020 - Executive Producer & Line Producer
  • American Road Trip (TV Series) - 2019 - Executive Producer, Series Producer
  • Thursday the 12th - 2019 - Executive Producer & Line Producer
  • Don't Drink the Water - 2018 - Executive Producer 
  • Evil Bong 666 - 2017 - Executive Producer
  • Bar Chronicles - 2017 - Executive Producer & Line Producer
  • Don't Wait Til Dawn - 2017 - Executive Producer & Line Producer
  • The Road Killer - 2016 - Supervising Producer
  • Consumption - 2016 - Associate Producer
  • Roommates (TV Series) - 2015 Executive Producer, Series Producer
  • Not Quite Safe (short) - 2015 - Executive Producer & Line Producer
  • Theater Wars (short) - 2015 - Executive Producer
  • Monsters on Main Street - 2014 - Executive Producer - Line Producer
  • Roberto - 20113- Co-Producer
  • Haunted - 2013 - Associate Producer
  • Meeting Place - 2012 - Co-Producer
  • Little Creeps - 2012 - Executive Producer & Line Producer
  • Get Ca$h - 2011 -  Co-Producer
  • The Family  - 2011 - Consulting Producer
  • Sister Mary - 2011 - Co-Producer
  • Beach Vacancy (Short) - 2010 - Executive Producer
  • Minor League: A Football Story - 2009 - Executive Producer & Line Producer

As a Director

  • Brocks Diner Versus the Undead - 2020 - Preproduction
  • Also in Theaters (TV Series) - 2020
  • Chronicles of an Overwhelmed Director - 2020 
  • Killer Keg - 2020
  • American Road Trip (TV Series) - 2019
  • Thursday the 12th  - 2019
  • Don't Drink the Water - 2018
  • Bar Chronicles - 2017
  • Don't Wait Til Dawn - 2017
  • Roommates (TV Series) - 2015
  • 1000 Zombies (segment) 
  • Zombie (segment)
  • Not Quite Safe (short) - 2015
  • Monsters on Main Street - 2014
  • Little Creeps - 2012
  • Beach Vacancy (short) - 2010