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Two failed film school graduates closing in on their 30's, the fearful Seth Franco and the unreliable James Rogen, are stuck working the same jobs they had in high school. Life for these two already has its fair share of complications but things are about to get a whole lot worse when the superstitions Seth has for Friday the 13th comes true, only a day early.


Brad Leo Lyon as Seth Franco

Brian Sutherland as James Rogen

Jena Sims as Laura Ann

Marilyn Ghigliotti as Morgan the Gypsy

Todd Bridges as Daryl

Rachel Lynn David as Emma

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Thursday the 12th will begin a theatrical roadshow tour starting June 5, 2020. Director Brad Leo Lyon will be touring cities around the USA and performing a Q & A session after every screening. Each screening will be filmed live for the TV series "Also in Theaters."

Check out the Also in Theaters Tour page for all the details, dates, and information on how to get tickets!